Thanks Japanese police for response, says attacker wasn’t Japanese.

Last Saturday night, Chihning Ho was walking outside Otsuka Station in Tokyo when a man, holding an extra-large canned highball in one hand and visibly intoxicated, approached her. With steps stumbling and speech slurred, the man repeatedly called out in both Japanese and English to Ho, who was visiting Japan from Taiwan, and regardless of how many times she waved him off or changed the direction she was walking, he continued to follow her.

▼ Video of the incident

Ho, who is a politician representing a district of the Taiwanese city of Hsinchu and known to some as “Taiwan’s most beautiful politician,” then ducked into a bookstore. Still, the man continued to pursue her, even as she purposely walked a winding route around the store’s aisles. Then, as Ho exited the store, the man grabbed her twice on the butt.

At this point Ho had had more than enough of the man’s nonsense, so she turned around and kicked him in the balls.

▼ The crippling-pain aftermath of the kick can be seen at the point in the video cued here.

Ho then contacted the police, who arrived on the scene and arrested the man.

With the incident getting attention in both Japan and Taiwan, Ho posted an update to her Instagram account on June 18, clarifying that the unpleasant experience hadn’t soured her on Japan as a nation. According to Ho, the groper is not a Japanese citizen, although she says that she has not confirmed what his nationality is, and added, “Even though this happened to me in Japan, I have no ill will towards the country.” She also expressed her gratitude to the Japanese police for apprehending the man and for providing an interpreter so that she could make her statement in her native language, and said she has every intention of visiting Japan again in the future.

▼ Ho’s follow-up post

At the same time, Ho said the incident has served as a reminder for young female travelers to remain diligent when in an unfamiliar environment, and to take precautions to protect themselves when help is not immediately available.

Source: FNN Prime Online, J-Cast News, Instagram/chihning2577
Top image: Pakutaso
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