New lineup gives us good reason to say “Pizza Beautiful Day”!

Earlier this month, Pizza Hut wowed its customers in Japan with a new “Guilty ‘Ura’ Menu” (“Guilty ‘Secret’ Menu“), consisting of the following three new menu items.

▼ The “Pizza no Ii Toko Kasanete Hitoguchi Ura Hut Melts” (“Secret Hut Melts With All the Best Pizza Parts Layered in One Bite”), priced at 1,580 yen (US$10).

▼ The “Mayochiki de Chicken wo Hasanda Ura Pizza Sando (“Pizza Sandwich With Chicken Inside a Mayo-Chicken Pizza”). priced at 780 yen.

▼ And the “Tabetai Chicken Zenbu Iri Ura Side Box” (“Secret Side Box With All the Chicken You Want”), priced at 1,580 yen.

While those three tasty new meals were only meant to be on the menu from 7-16 June, they proved to be so popular that the chain has decided to bring them back for an extended period, and this time they’re adding two new items to the Secret Menu for a limited time.

As the above image shows, the two new items coming our way are burgers, which is a brand new development for Pizza Hut. The first new burger is called the “Pizza-ya na no ni Rice Chicken Burger” (“Even Though It’s a Pizza Chain, Rice Chicken Burger”), and it contains two rice “buns” with a bulgogi and tatsuta chicken filling.

The rice patties are browned with soy sauce and made from 100-percent domestically produced rice, while the filling contains a flavourful mayonnaise sauce, bulgogi beef, and chives — three ingredients from Pizza Hut’s popular bulgogi pizza. Mozzarella cheese and gouda cheese bring everything together, giving us a fusion pizza burger filled with familiar flavours.

The other burger, the “Pizza-ya na no ni Chicken & Chicken Burger” (“Even Though It’s a Pizza Chain, Chicken & Chicken Burger”), looks just as tantalising.

This one swaps out the buns for Japanese-style tatsuta chicken pieces, adding an extra layer of meaty flavour to the bulgogi pizza filling. The chain says this one is hard to eat, but delicious, and both burgers have an addictive flavour that will fulfil all your guilty desires, leaving you feeling satisfied and full afterwards.

We certainly weren’t expecting Pizza Hut to be the place to go for burgers, or chicken for that matter, but judging by the look of these two new menu items, we’ll definitely be giving them a try while they’re available. Priced at 780 yen each, the two burgers, and the three other Guilty ‘Secret’ Menu items, will only be in stores for 12 days, from 19-30 June.

Source, images: PR Times
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