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“He wore Uniqlo to meet me!” Japanese woman shares petty bad date story, Internet bites back

What was your worst first date experience? Presumably it was worth grumbling about more than this picky lady’s anecdote.

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How to play host for an imaginary girlfriend LOL

If you’re a sad sap like me and have no one to spend this holiday season with, a helpful how-to thread recently appeared in Japanese forums, and could very well hold all the secrets to enjoying a multi-course meal all by your lonesome. The topic is titled, “It’s so much fun to make a meal as though matching the self-assigned preferences of your imaginary girlfriend LOL,” and yes, the contents are as pathetic as the label makes it out to be. But to be fair, food tastes better when you share it with friends and loved ones, so for those who lack the companionship of either, a little make-believe might be the next best thing!

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