Although when you think about what they do for a living, it does makes sense.

Having a set of sought-after skills like being proficient in word processors or database software can help prospective employees clinch job offers in Japan. And for organized crime syndicates like the yakuza, expertise in photo editing software is seen as particularly desirable.

Former adult magazine editor @3rdtoy’s tweet recently garnered a fair amount of attention from netizens, most of whom nodded sagely at his words of wisdom.

▼ Even yakuza have to catch up with the times.
(Tanslations below).

“Between a group of 100 yakuza members and a group of 100 normal employees (up to 30 years old), you can be sure the yakuza group will be more Photoshop savvy.”

▼ And the reason is rather straightforward.

“If you’re wondering why so many yakuza members are skilled in Photoshop, it’s simply because they need to edit photos of women working in sex-related services or create counterfeit stuff.”

Yakuza are notorious for operating a variety of large-scale sex-related businesses in Japan, such as sensual massage parlors, strip clubs, hostess bars, and regular old prostitution. Since performing digital touch-ups on faces or body features on advertisements attracts more customers, it’s important for members to get well acquainted with image editing software.

▼ A good example would be this adult magazine here.

▼ If you’re wondering why @3rdtoy knows so much,
that’s because he’s personally dealt with the yakuza before.

“When I was an adult magazine editor, I remember seeing low-ranking yakuza easily using Photoshop and felt utterly devastated since I couldn’t do it myself.”

It’s surprising to discover that even a crime organization like the yakuza seeks to maintain a certain level of digital competence just like other companies out there. Although is it more surprising than them giving out Halloween candy to kids? That’s one we’ll let you decide.

Source: Twitter/@3rdtoy via Hachima Kikou
Top image: Pakutaso