Magic the Gathering

Tokyo shop selling ultra-rare Magic: The Gathering card for eight-figure price

Rarest version of already rare card is worth way, way more than its weight in gold.

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Corona Beam of Death Godzilla Magic card to be altered due to coronavirus pandemic

26 years later, an obscure bit of Godzilla lore doesn’t sound quite so fun.

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Final Fantasy’s Yoshitaka Amano illustrates exclusive Japan-only Magic: The Gathering card

Reimagined Liliana is one of 36 Japan-exclusive cards from 28 Japanese artists.

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Japanese magazine claims pro gamers “are like children” and “have no value to society”

Do you think Magic: The Gathering and shogi players are “wasting their lives on just a game?”

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What do Magic: The Gathering and Idolmaster have in common? Apparently, quite a bit!

Internet memes are an incredibly strange and malleable beast, and you can never tell what the next meme that pops up will be about. Some memes are so strange that you would never believe there is a thriving community of people who keep them alive like, “draw yourself as a high school boy” or the reverse, “draw yourself as a high school girl”.

There is a meme right now that is so oddly specific, you have to wonder where they came up with the idea. It crosses The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls and Magic: The Gathering, and it might just blow your mind.

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