Professional female shogi player wows Internet by cosplaying as cute anime shogi player

Manao Kagawa shows she can capture hearts just as well as shogi pieces.

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Figure skating, shogi prove real life can beat anime feats

In a long-standing debate, some people posit life imitates art more often than art imitates life.

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9-square Shogi great way to enter the convoluted world of Japanese chess

Brush up on your flying chariot versus incense chariot tactics with this close-quarters version of the complex Japanese relative of chess.
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Fans discover cute anime girl and elderly Japanese man have same body language 【Pics】

And not only that, they’ve got the exact same nickname, too!

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Japanese magazine claims pro gamers “are like children” and “have no value to society”

Do you think Magic: The Gathering and shogi players are “wasting their lives on just a game?”

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17-year-old professional shogi player Beni Taketama has netizens’ hearts locked in checkmate

For some reason it seems that net users in Japan are fascinated by the sight of beautiful women doing perfectly normal things. Whether it’s creating art, playing sports, or working in the news or government, netizens are shocked every time an attractive woman actually does something rather than just staying home all day being beautiful.

And the latest in the women doings things obsession is Beni Taketama, a professional shogi player. Although we do have to mention that she is still only a 17-year-old high school girl, so some of the comments like “she really filled out nicely” and “I’d buy a photobook of her” are a little on the creepy side.

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