【RocketRoundup】Scary Totoro, Feces Wine, and The Future

Welcome to RocketRoundup, where we share this week’s best content into one bite-sized article. That’s a figure of speech, please don’t bite the article. It’s past expiry.

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【RocketRoundup】 Facewear, Germs and Shinjuku Zombies

Happy Sunday, boys and girls!

We trust you had a pleasant week?

We’ve been busy as ever here at RocketNews24 and, as well as enjoying the Halloween festivities, we’ve seen everything from black Big Macs and cross-dressing confessions to old-school Super Mario and genital pixelization. Not all together, of course; that would be horrific…

Despite the mercilessly hot Japanese summer seemingly having ended just a few weeks ago, the temperature has suddenly dropped here in Tokyo and everyone is already starting to wrap up warm and flip their air conditioning from chill to toasty. And no sooner had those coats and jackets come out of the closet than those nasty old cold germs came back to bite us.

Which can only mean one thing: face masks are back!

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【RocketRoundup】 Burgers, Bouquets, Beauties and Breasts

If you’re reading this, it means you’ve survived another week.

And what a week it’s been!

We’ve seen the arrival of a device that lets us share smells via mobile phone, members of the public quite literally caught with their hands down their pants, an invaluable list of turn-offs for girls to watch out for, and photos that reveal smoking-hot Japanese porn stars to be perfectly ordinary women and not from space after all.

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【RocketRoundup】 This Week’s Best Bits

Hello and good morning/afternoon/evening to you!

Welcome to the very first Rocket Roundup; your guide to the biggest stories of the week here at RocketNews24, all in one snug little post.

I don’t know about you good people, but it’s been a pretty busy week here at RocketNews24– I can’t remember the last time I saw as many crazy stories go up in the space of seven short days. That said, I think I speak for the entire team when I say that it’s been a pleasure as always, and we love discrovering new, fun, quirky and downright weird news stories almost as much as we do sharing it with you guys.

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