Rumiko Takahashi’s anime/manga hit serves as the inspiration for everything from ramen topping pajamas to “chain-link fence” pouches.

It’s a pretty good time to be an Urusei Yatsura fan, what with a modern remake of the anime series now airing on Japanese TV and a themed cafe opening soon. But if Urusei Yatsura creator Rumiko Takahashi’s martial arts manga/anime series Ranma 1/2 also occupies a special place in your heart, you’re in luck too.

Japanese apparel and lifestyle brand Felissimo is teaming up with Ranma for a line of creatively cute items, starting with a recreation of the Chinese-style pajamas Ranma frequently wears, with their distinct naruto fish cake pattern.

Felissimo boasts that the 6,900-yen (US$50) quilted pajamas are both warm and easy to move in, and so equally suited towards getting a good night’s sleep and engaging in hand-to-hand combat should an unannounced assailant engage you first thing in the morning.

▼ There’s also a just-waking-up Ranma peeking out of the pants’ back pocket.

When you are awake and ready to go out, you can spruce up your accessorization with these Two-Way Tassel Ear Accessories (2,500 yen), featuring illustrations and image colors for protagonist Ranma, Akane (his fiancé), Shampoo (one of his other fiancés), and P-chan (actually his rival Ryoga, after being transformed into a pig).

Each month Felissimo randomly ships you a different design, but all of them are non-pierce ear clips that you can attach or remove the tassels to as you wish.

Moving from you earlobes to your fingertips, the Character Nail Stickers (1,700 yen) are also a series with a different design randomly shipping each month, either Ranma, Akane, or Shampoo.

One of the cleverest ideas in the collaboration is the Ranma and Akane Walking to School Pouch (2,600 yen), which recreates the recurring scene of the two teens walking to school together, Akane on the sidewalk like a normal human being, and Ranma casually balancing atop a chain link fence like the super agile showoff he is.

Another frequent occurrence in Ranma is someone getting sent flying high into the sky because they were on the receiving end of a powerful strike from a trained martial artist and/or a seriously upset girl (the two roles are far from exclusive in the series). To commemorate those occasions, there’s this series of extendable pass cases (2,800 yen), with Ranma, Ryoga, or Mousse shipping randomly each month.

Rounding out the lineup are the Ranma and Akane’s Clumsy Romance Sweatshirt (5,400 yen), featuring the moment when Ranma said something nice to Akane for the first time…

character socks for Ranma, Akane, and Shampoo (1,400 yen, monthly random pattern)…

…a reversible shoulder bag (4,700 yen) which, like so many of the series’ characters, can transform…

…a plush P-chan piggie pouch (2,300 yen)with a zipper running down its back…

…and finally, a series of three pillowcases (2,400 yen, monthly random pattern) with someone going for a punch-launched ride through the night sky on the back side.

The entire range is available through the Felissimo online shop here.

Source: PR Times
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