Attention, gluttons on holiday in Japan: RocketNews24 has compiled a list of five restaurants that feature signature dishes with gut-busting, imagination-defying, comically-oversized portions.

First, some vocabulary to help you enjoy your eating spree. You probably already know to ask for o-mori when you want a large portion of rice and an extra helping of the main dish, but there’s still one level to go: deka-mori.

It literally means “gigantic serving,” and the word might conjure up the image of ten (as in, ten times the amount any normal person would consume in one sitting) in the Westerner’s mind.  That, or a meal so huge it could sent the eater to the deck.  Or something like that.

Without further ado, five Japanese restaurants that will send you out the door in an entirely new weight class. Allow us to offer a caveat to gastronomic adventurers before they begin – you don’t want to find out what happens if you can’t finish the entire thing . . .

#1 – “Jumbo Curry” at Kurumi (Kyoto City, Sakyo-ku, Takanotakeya-cho 33-54)

This curry comes with an entire pot of rice from a family-sized rice cooker. There isn’t much curry to help you attack the mountain of short grains, but the folks at Kurumi will give you free scoops provided that you finish what you have there.  How nice of them! This would be a great one to try, but the restaurant is temporarily closed right now. Stay tuned and be the first one to challenge Jumbo Curry when they open again!

#2 – “Hamburger Pagoda” at Onion (Miyagi Prefecture, Kurokawa-gun, Tomiya-cho, Hiyoshidai 2-24-9)

Just one of these one-kilogram hamburger steaks is enough to put a whole bag of quarter-pounders to shame, and this pagoda has five of them! Tackle the delicious Hamburger Pagoda and you’re sure to go home fat and happy.

#3 – “Mount Fuji de Soba” at Minatoan (Yokohama City, Naka-ku, Yamashita-cho 25)

Why anyone would want to eat this much soba is completely beyond us, but maybe the inspiration for this dish came from a climb up Mount Fuji on an empty stomach.  Bon appetit!

#4 – “Nikudon” at Life (Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Nishi-waseda 1-4-20)

This enormous beef bowl will chase away the hunger of even the poorest, starvin’est college student. The restaurant will give you Nikudon for free if you can finish all of it, but a hefty price tag awaits those whose eyes are bigger than their stomachs.

#5 – “Curry With Everything On It” at Manten (Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Kanda-jimbocho 1-54)

This hugely-popular curry has a homey taste that will soothe your heart and features a tremendous amount of ingredients that your mom never thought to put in her curry.

Contributor: Yonimo Bimyona Gourmet Guide

#5 - Manten's "Curry With Everything On It"


#4 - Life's "Nikudon"

#3 - Minatoan's "Mount Fuji de Soba"

#2 - Onion's "Hamburger Pagoda"

#1 - Kurumi's "Jumbo Curry"