We often take the simple invention of the light bulb for granted. Even though our lives have their bright and dark moments, we are always under the reliable warm glow of our lights.

This is the premise of a new commercial by Toshiba, created to promote its new LED light that they claim lasts 10 years, that follows the life of one bulb as it lights a family’s life for 10 years (3653 days including leap years).

The ad starts off with a silhouetted young bachelor screwing in his new light and flashes through moments where he meets the girl of his dreams, gets married, and has children. The new family experiences highs and lows that are only glimpsed for a second yet can seem very familiar to anyone watching. Despite their ups and downs the family’s happiness continually grows, all under the unflinching glow of the LED light.

The commercial’s simple setting yet detailed atmosphere has left a deep impact on viewers all over the internet, many commenting that they were movedーeven to tears.

Indeed, the softness of the LED light shining over the family as they grow effectively creates a warm atmosphere. In fact, we think its so effective that the commercial itself may continue to warm people’s hearts for the next 10 years.

▼Here is the full video