Comiket 81, the world’s largest self-published comic book fair, was held 29 December, 2011 at Big Sight in Tokyo. Like Comikets before it, the cosplayers came out this year in full force. Yet, among the standard cosplay fair was one who stood out in the crowd like no other.

I have covered many a comic convention and game show but this costume blew me away with its level of detail recreating the armor of GARO, the hero of the Japanese tokusatsu television show by the same name. Tokusatsu refers to those shows like Godzilla or Ultraman where people wear foam rubber monster and hero suits and battle for Earth.

GARO, which literally means ‘Fanged Wolf’ in English, was fairly popular for its short run on TV. It spawned a video game based on the show and the theme song is a catchy tune that can often be heard being belted out at karaoke bars across Japan.

By late December temperatures had dropped all around Japan and Comiket was no exception. This can be daunting for the sometimes skimpy-clothed cosplayers, especially since they have to stand in the designated outdoor “cosplay” space if they want to be in costume. However, on this particular afternoon the temperature rose to a comfy 10℃ plus as if to encourage this magnificent armored warrior to come out.

This was my second foray in the Comiket cosplay scene, last time being summer 2011. It’s a little less crowded than in the summer most likely due to the cooler temperatures. It’s a lot easier to move around and get a lot of pictures.

In this environment the shine from Garo’s golden armor could be spotted a mile away no matter where he goes.

Looking at the armor up close though, you can’t help but marvel at how much time and energy must have been put into making this exquisitely detailed costume: and details they are a plenty. No doubt he will be reappearing somewhere in the future, so if you’re ever out at an event where cosplayers gather you may be lucky enough to get an eyeful of Garo: The Most Kick-Ass Cosplayer of Comiket 81.

▼ I could almost feel the awesomeness emanating from the costume.

▼ The sword is so cool that I might not mind being on the receiving end it.

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