China’s McDonald’s restaurants are pretty much the same as they are in other countries. They have the fries and burgers that we all have come to know and love. They use a different kind of oil for frying that’s out of this world, but that should be expected of a country that has centuries of experience in the art of fried food.

Now it seems McDonald’s China has also staged a coup in the fast-food realm and adopted the curly fry! We rushed in to investigate how they match up.

It seems the Chinese McDonald’s stayed true to the formula rather than just making a typical yellow fry in a curly shape like some restaurants do. As a proper orange-colored Western curly fry should be, they use the same seasoned crispy coating around potato that seems to melt in your mouth upon eating. These are definitely the real deal!

They were released as part of a special menu celebrating the Chinese New Year’s along with some other Chinese food themed burgers.

It is unclear how China managed to get the jump on bringing curly fries to Asia. Could this be a sign of sifting relations between them and the West? If Japan doesn’t get access to these delicious curly fries then there’s no telling what other fast-food technologies we will miss out on. Japan’s Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry was unavailable to comment on the matter.

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