McDonald’s Japan is getting off to a good start this year by announcing the return of their beloved curly fries.

There are lots of benevolent omens in life like a groundhog not seeing its shadow to usher in an early spring, or a shooting star on a summer’s eve that grants a wish to whomever my gaze upon it. And then there is the emergence of seasoned curlies at McDonald’s.

It probably goes without saying, but curly fries are like regular French fries only… you know, curly. And of course they have that unmistakable seasoning with a mildly spicy edge that curly fries often come with.

You can buy an order for 320 yen (US$2.75) or if you add 50 yen ($0.43) to the price of a combo you’ll get the curlies instead of the typical straight fries. It’s a little steep for what’s essentially just a more circular and slightly more flavorful fry, but in Japan curlies are relatively hard to come by, so they can probably still sell well at a premium.

Like in 2015 when they last appeared, the McDonald’s curly fries are again a fleeting treat. This year you’ll only be able to grab them in Japan from 6 January to early February, so be quick to use your coupons from McDonald’s recent lucky bags!

Usually when limited time foods like this come out, I pound my fist on the table and ask the gods why they don’t just put it on the regular menu. However, with curly fries, I kind of get it. If they were always available, they would get old eventually.

Bringing them out every once in a while helps keep my passion alive for little curvy and spicy things that are full of greasy potato. Oh, and it keeps me interested in the curly fries as well.

Source: McDonald’s Japan via Entabe (Japanese)
Images: McDonald’s Japan