”Extra-extra spicy” and “extra-extra kind” dipping sauces also unveiled.

Half a year ago, Japan scratched its head in confusion as people across America turned into stark-raving lunatics trying to get their hands on McDonald’s Schezuan dipping sauce. Now, though, fast food fans in Japan are getting some spicy McNugget action of their own.

Next week, McDonald’s Japan is releasing its new Spicy Chicken McNuggets. In Japan, the basic serving size for McNuggets is five pieces, which allows for the chain to turn the bite-sized morsels into a fist, while trumpeting that its newest offering will “K.O. you with spiciness.”

Seasoned with togarashi red pepper garlic, and onion, these McNuggets seem to differ from the spicy version that’s been periodically offered overseas. If nothing else, the Japanese-spec Spicy McNuggets have a much more vivid color, foretelling of a fiery assault on your taste buds to come.

▼ Japan’s Spicy McNuggets

▼ America’s no-longer-available version

This is McDonald’s Japan’s first time to offer McNuggets in anything other than the standard flavor. Considering that the chain has had great success with its Shaka Shaka Chicken line (in which you pour powdered seasonings into a bag with a piece of chicken and shake it before eating), and that spicy, boneless fried chicken is a mainstay of Japanese convenience stores, customers in Japan will likely greet the Spicy McNuggets with open arms/mouths.

If you’re craving even more spice, McDonald’s Japan is also introducing two new McNugget dipping sauces (which can also be used with the non-spicy nuggets). There’s the “exta-extra-spicy” spicy sauce…

…and the “extra-extra kind” sour cream and onion sauce (with said kindness ostensibly being that it spares your tongue from some heat, not other people’s noses from the aroma).

McDonald’s Japan’s Spicy McNuggets will be available for a limited time from June 20, priced at 200 yen (US$1.85) for a five-pack.

Source: McDonald’s via Entabe
Images: McDonald’s

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