Professor Michitaka Hirose and his team at Tokyo University have invented a pair of glasses which lower your appetite and make you feel fuller simply by making your food look bigger. Now there’s a diet plan that could work for me.

The system works by fixing a camera to the glasses and feeding the video through an image processing system on an attached computer. When you eat food by hand, the camera allows you to see your hand at its actual size while adjusting the appearance of the food to look up to 50 percent bigger or about 33 percent smaller.

In an experiment Prof. Hirose asked 12 men and women in their 20s and 30s to wear the glasses. He then instructed them to eat as many cookies as they wanted until they felt full. Those participants who perceived the cookies as 50 percent bigger than in actuality ate on average 9.3 percent less than participants who weren’t wearing the glasses. At the same time, participants who perceived the cookies as 33 percent smaller ate 15 percent more on average.

We at RocketNews24 have only one question: Where do you sign up for cookie-eating experiments!?

Via Yomiuri Shimbun