Some clever people thought to capitalize on the value of having ‘followers’ on Twitter, theoretically allowing any normal person to surpass even Lady Gaga for a day. Unfortunately, Fame‘s ambitions were shut down after 19 days, apparently cited for “violating the spirit of their Terms of Service”.

Fame’s scheme was this: you register with them and once a day they hold a raffle, choosing one winner who automatically gets all of the other registered people as followers. Each day, the process starts anew (i.e., the previous day’s winner doesn’t keep their followers).

Fame tweeted on April 13 that they were shutting down after notification from Twitter. According to The Verge, Twitter’s policies seemed aimed at spamming in general, but Fame didn’t seem to violate any one specific rule. Fame is saying they haven’t given up, and will direct their efforts to other platforms. So if you’re still hankering for fame and popularity, stay tuned.