Burger King Japan recently launched a promotion giving customers the option to add 15 pieces of bacon to their Whopper for a measly 100 yen (US $1.20).

That’s 500% more bacon for your buck (it’s usually 60 yen for 3 strips). It’s almost as if Burger King is operating under some CIA plot to undermine Japanese longevity by poisoning us with copious amount of cheap junk food.

Well we accept your challenge, America! In fact, we even raised the stakes to make things interesting, sending resident reporter/guinea pig Mr. Sato to eat a Whopper loaded with not 15 but 105 strips of bacon.

Mr. Sato is known for having a voracious appetite and was actually the one who came up with the idea in the first place, exclaiming 15 strips was no more than baby food to his Japanese stomach of steel.

So we sent Mr. Sato to our local Burger King to pick up a 105 bacon strip Whopper, as well as a standard Whopper for comparison.

Returning with an unsettling grin on his face, Mr. Sato unwrapped both burgers and we couldn’t help but gape in awe at the sight before us: a grotesque agglomeration of ketchup-soaked meat about 3 times the size of the regular whopper.

Mr. Sato grasped the burger in both hands and, as if possessed by some primal spirit, shouted “This is the Whopper of man!” before thrusting it into his tiny mouth.

Even though scaling the wall of bacon seemed to be a more daunting task than he initially expected, Mr. Sato continued to take bite after relentless bite, only pausing to size up his next point of attack and mumble vague threats at the burger: “You’re tougher than I thought, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Bring it on, chicken! Why don’t you cry cock-a-doodle-doo, you #&$%*”!

Roughly 10 minutes later, Mr. Sato was finished. We asked him for a comment but he just sat there silently with a look of triumph on his face, his eyes blissfully vacant and far away, until he suddenly came to, murmuring something about having to be home to sign for parcel delivery and running out the door with his hand over his mouth.

We’re not quite sure what happened after that and Mr. Sato refuses to talk about it.

This is all your fault, America.

Still, Burger King is known for having bacon that is crispy, juicy and delicious, and while 105 strips may be slightly overkill, an extra 15 strips for only 100 yen is a steal.

We’re just amazed the folks at Burger King complied with Mr. Sato’s request for 105 strips. We wonder how much bacon they’d actually let us put on 1 Whopper…

(UPDATE: This much, apparently.)

Photos&Video: RocketNews24.

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