All right, this video should delight and impress all of you Gundam fans out there. And even if you’re not a Gundam fan, I think you’ll still find the video pretty amazing! You have to admit that it takes a huge amount of dedication, perseverance and love for the anime, not to mention time, to actually do what was done in this video. The end result is a full-color drawing of the Gundam mobile suit machine from the well-known anime series, and while the picture itself is an excellent effort, what is truly impressive about it is the unconventional way it was drawn.

Amazingly, the picture of Gundam was drawn completely using the AutoShape function of Excel, and you can see the process yourself in the video below! The original video was posted by fishermansclub  onto the video-sharing website FC2 and was later reposted onto YouTube by ChesterDBarklight. The process is fast-forwarded in the 5 minute video, so it’s hard to say how long it may have actually taken to complete the drawing – we’ll leave that up to your imagination. We don’t think anyone will try to (or want to) replicate this excel drawing, but if any of you do, do let us know how long the process took!

Source: FC2 (Japanese) via YouTube (Japanese)

▼See the amazing entire process in fast-forward!