Dating can be difficult and costly no matter what country you live in, but because of the economic inequality and old-fashioned customs of China it can be a down-right nightmare.

Take one Mr. Hu of Hubei Province whose girlfriend, ironically named Ms. Yuan, he had been dating for a couple months. However, because of money troubles he was unable to buy her presents and had to turn to a life of crime.

However, what could have been a romantic “man in love against the world” kind of rebel story turned out incredibly lame when the target of Hu’s criminal behavior turned out to be none other than Ms. Yuan herself.

Late last year Hu had met Ms. Yuan and began dating her.  However, he was unemployed and barely able to scrape by on what little money he had, let alone to buy her anything nice.  Feeling his relationship was in jeopardy, Hu decided to embark on the stupidest crime spree ever.

One day in early January, Hu enacted his master plan of reaching into his trusting girlfriend’s purse, removing her bank card, and heading down to the local ATM.  He must have gotten her secret code somehow as he was able to withdraw 4,200 yuan (US$660) as well as an additional 1,100 yuan (US$170) 5 days after. Each time he would neatly return the bank card to her purse.

The next few days were a wonderful romance between Hu and Ms. Yuan as he showered her with expensive gifts like computers and clothes. Then as everybody (except Hu apparently) must have expected, Ms. Yuan went to check her account.

Noticing that 5,300 yuan (US$830) was missing from her account she notified police who then checked the bank’s security footage.  Ms. Yuan was shocked to see her own boyfriend taking money out of her account.

On 9 February Hu was arrested and sentenced to 11 months in prison and a 2,000 yuan (US$310) fine.  Needless to say Ms. Yuan had decided to look elsewhere for companionship.

Source: Nari Nari
Top image: Pakutaso