What do you do when you want to draw a picture on your computer, but Paint just won’t cut it and you don’t have the money to invest in any software? You use Excel, of course!

A true artist is not limited by the tools available to him. Japanese Twitter-user @yamatojiline103 decided he wanted to draw a picture on his PC, yet found Microsoft Paint too difficult to use. He didn’t have the money to invest in any advanced drawing software, either, so he made do with Microsoft Excel.

Okay, maybe “made do” is an understatement. In fact he, well…excelled.

If you’ve used Excel before, it was most likely for some sort of work purpose, like graphing or creating spreadsheets or other documents. But with a little know-how, some talent, and a whole lot of patience, you can create amazing works of art with it too, like this:

▼ “I want to draw a picture on my PC → Paint is difficult to use but I don’t have the money to buy any software → I guess I’ll use Excel”

This illustration, posted on November 25, has already been retweeted almost 13,000 times. Commentors have been blown away by his talent and the realism of the drawing, with many also wondering exactly how he did that.

If you are curious and have a half hour to spare, @yamatojiline103 has created a video of another drawing he did, showing exactly what it takes from start to finish.

Even if you just stop by the video for a quick peek, you can still see how much detail has gone into his work. A truly amazing process!

Source, images: Twitter/ @yamatojiline103 via AtTrip