This makeup video has Internet users hooked, but it doesn’t contain a single real-life image — because it’s made entirely with stop-motion animation

Given how watching someone’s face being transformed by makeup can be a fascinating experience, it’s not surprising that make-up tutorials are a steadfastly popular theme in Internet videos.

This time, we’ve found a make-up themed video that looks like a tutorial but isn’t quite, because the images are all animated and not real, but it does gives you a surprisingly good idea of a thorough makeup-applying process. The video, titled Korean Beauty makeup stop motion animation ver.2 was created by Australia-based YouTuber LULUPANG, and since being posted on January 11, it has collected over 155 million likes!

The video begins with a face looking like this:

and ends with the same face being transformed into this:

A combined before-and-after image split down the middle emphasizes the change created by the makeup process:

Amazingly, the images in the video are done completely in stop-motion animation! Apparently, LULUPANG had to draw over 2,200 pictures in total, and the video took around seven days to finish.

▼ Here’s the actual video in its entirety, at about five-and-a-half minutes long.

And now, it seems a huge number of Internet users around the world have been mesmerized by the soothing, ASMR-like quality of the video. Although the illustrated woman in the video doesn’t make any movements except with her eyes, it’s fun to watch the way all the makeup items move and apply themselves onto her face. Plus, we can see how the sound of the containers and tubes being opened and the creams and liquids being applied can be strangely hypnotic. One of the viewers has even commented that it feels like playing a game.

What’s really amazing to watch is how real the images of the woman’s face are, especially the way she looks before any makeup is applied, and the difference between her face before and after the process! The details in the drawings make it feel like you’re really seeing someone expertly changing their look with makeup. Understandably, some people have commented that they wish they could transform their face this completely in reality. (Yup, if it were only that easy!)

If you enjoyed this video, you can check out more of LULUPANG’s work on her YouTube channel, where you can see other fascinating processes in stop-motion animation, from professional skin care to Korean boy idol makeup.  Have fun watching!

Source, images: YouTube/ LULUPANG
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