At first you’ll be impressed with this drawing, but then you’ll want to laugh when you scroll down to see the rest.

It’s well known that the creative capabilities of children go far beyond anything many of us adults can dream of. Sometimes the results of their imagination can actually be a little creepy, but usually it just ends up in whimsical, colorful drawings and stories that inspire, or, in many cases, amuse us adults.

One Japanese netizen, @pkpksp1058, found an old childhood drawing of theirs, and thought it was so amusing they shared it on Twitter. It was in a blank-paged notebook that they apparently used for doodling, and they posted the picture with the caption, “My elementary school general purpose notebook was used very liberally.”

It’s a drawing of the first Harry Potter movie’s poster, complete with Hogwarts Castle, Harry, Hagrid, and Hedwig at the top. At first glance, it’s drawn fairly well; the proportions are slightly off, but the artist clearly paid attention to the details on the logo and of the characters. But scroll down and you’ll see that this poster is not actually of any preexisting Harry Potter story; in plain handwriting they wrote the unique title of this movie: “Harry Potter and the Immaculate Bathtub.”

Immaculate bathtub?! We’ve never heard of this Harry Potter story, but if it’s anything like the other books, it’s sure to be entertaining. We’d like to know what this artist’s childhood self was thinking when they drew this, but @pkpksp1058 doesn’t even know. The mystery of the Immaculate Bathtub will have to remain with us forever.

Naturally, the tweet spread quickly through Japanese Twitter, whose commenters were all amused:

“I love how one of the kanji in “immaculate” was written in hiragana. It makes it feel so childlike.”
“I saw this on another website and laughed so hard. Thank you!”
“That’s funny! Nice sense!”
“I’ve been going through a hard time lately, but when I saw this I burst out laughing for the first time in a while. Thank you!”
“I wonder where the bathtub came from hahaha”
“I really want to read this story!”

▼ One netizen even took the liberty of making a brand new movie poster. Notable features are the bathrobe-clad Snape and McGonagall, which are hilarious.

I’m not sure how this story fits into the Harry Potter franchise, but it probably comes after the Harry Potter and All of the Melons movie released by Chinese bootleggers some time ago. Either way, thanks be to childhood creativity for gifting us with this gem.

Source: Twitter/@pkpksp1058 via Togech
Featured Image: Twitter/@pkpksp1058