It’s okay, you can admit it.  The second you finished watching The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, you wish and hoped and prayed that some day you would be able to live in Tokyo and be a badass street racer.  For most of us (all of us?) that is just a mere fantasy.  Short of hopping a plane, foolishly challenging the local Drift King, destroying a Nissan Silvia S-15, drift practicing your ass off, watching your friend die in a fiery car crash, and eventually beating the Drift King himself…what’s a daydreamer to do?

Enter this breathtaking video of a night drive in Tokyo.  There are a few Tokyo night drive videos on Youtube, but our favorite has got to be this one:

With on-board video that’s free of camera shake and awesome music to go with it, this video makes you feel as if you’re actually driving around Japan’s capitol city at night.

The video starts with a glimpse of the beautiful ferris wheel at Odaiba Palette town towering high into the night sky.  Crossing over the famous Rainbow Bridge, you are able to catch views of Tokyo’s sprawling metropolitan cityscape.  Tokyo Tower, which first appears in the video as a tiny light piercing the night sky, grows larger and larger, eventually coming into full view and crossing into the scene as the driver weaves through the twisted highways of Tokyo.  Continuing the drive, viewers can see the bewitching glitter of Roppongi’s buildings, giving Tokyo a futuristic feel.

For those of you who aren’t able to make the breathtaking nighttime drive through the streets of Tokyo, this wonderfully filmed video has got to be the next best thing.

Can’t get enough of the Fast and Furious fantasy?  Check out these videos:

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