Tomatina House, Tokyo's own La Tomatina tomato fight

Ever wondered what it would be like to be covered from head to toe in tomatoes?

Ever dreamed of smashing a tomato in someone’s face?

Ever wanted to see the streets run red…with tomato juice?

If so, you may think you have to head all the way over to Spain to partake in Valencia’s world famous La Tomatina festival.  However, those of you who live in Japan are in luck.  You only have to go as far as Tokyo.  That’s right, on September 9th, at the Tamagawa river in Tokyo, adventurers and pasta sauce enthusiasts alike can participate in a large-scale tomato fight just like the one in Spain.


The event will be held in a special 400 square meter area, nicknamed “Tomatina House” and each person will have access to the same amount of tomatoes as the participants in the original La Tomatina festival in Valencia.  Don’t worry about the river, sheets will be set up to ensure that the surrounding river bed and water do not become polluted with saucy goodness.

Event coordinators are looking for up to 100 people to take part in the festivities.  The participation fee is set at 2500 yen (US $32) per person, but groups of 3 or more can receive a discount of 500 yen ($6).

No need to bring your own tomatoes, just come ready to get dirty!

Source: ITMedia