Take a quick look around your home. See anything gathering dust? Any old books sitting on the shelf unloved? That AKB48 CD you bought last year but are too embarrassed to listen to? How about those Playstation2 games that you never got around to playing before your console died?

Well now’s your chance to have a good old clear-out. Grab a cardboard box and turn that stuff into an education for a less fortunate child.

Japanese recycling giant Book Off is working in conjunction with Shanti Volunteer Association (SVA) to provide books and learning materials for children who have found themselves homeless as a result of war or natural disasters. As well as donating the in-store buy-back value of any books, CDs, DVDs and videogames donated by regular folk like you and me, Book Off is pledging an extra 10% of that value to the charity.

In short, some less fortunate kids get an education; you make some space in your home and get to feel warm and fuzzy.

Making a donation is ridiculously easy:

1. Put your unwanted CDs, DVDs, books or games into a cardboard box (up to 30 items per box).

2. Go to the SVA Book Aid Flow page or call the Book Off help centre on 0120-37-2902

3. They’ll arrange for a courier to come and collect your donated goods.

After that, the value of your donation will be calculated (and of course they’ll be sold at a Book Off store eventually, lest anyone is worrying about a Toy Story-esque scenario with unwanted CDs sobbing in an attic somewhere…), and you’ll receive a statement from SVA detailing exactly how much you- and of course Book Off- are donating towards study aids and reading books for kids. The Queen/President/Prime Minister of your country may also call you to commend you on your awesomeness.*

SVA started back in 1981, at that time focusing on providing educational books for children living in Cambodia refugee camps. In recent years, the organisation has grown to become one of the chief supporters and aid givers in a number of countries including Laos, Thailand and Afghanistan, as well as providing aid and learning materials to children affected by the great Tōhoku Kanto Earthquake last year. SVA aims to build six brand new elementary schools in this year alone, and also plans to produce more than 60,000 brand-new picture books in as many as six languages.

For more information about Shanti Volunteer Association and the work they do, visit their English site here.

(*maybe not, but we still think you’re cool.)

Source: Rese Mom