When I was a kid, there was a period of about a week in school when everyone became obsessed with making “jokes” using “What’s the definition of…?” set-ups.

As well as failing to make anyone laugh, they rarely made much sense and were always both immensely long-winded and contrived…

Allow me to share an example:

“What’s the definition of ’cheeky’? Throwing a brick through someone’s window, then knocking on the door and asking for it back!”

Oh my sides….

Thankfully, though, a 16-year-old in Wakayama prefecture, Japan has done us all a favour and made an example of himself, putting an end to the eternal mystery “what’s the definition of ‘stupidity’?”

On October 2, the unemployed youth allegedly strode into one of his local convenience stores (a 7-Eleven, no doubt…), and helped himself to a cup noodle, costing exactly 248 yen (about three US dollars).

Ignoring the fact that the item he stole probably had the least nutritional value of all the food in the store, it seems that our master criminal had entirely forgotten that he would require one more vital ingredient in order enjoy his stolen snack- hot water.


Just minutes after stealing the noodles, the young man returned to the very same convenience store and proceeded to help himself to hot water from one of the large thermos flasks positioned near the register for (non-thieving) customers use.

After filling up his cup of rāmen noodles, the young man then sat outside the convenience store and leisurely enjoyed his evening meal.

The convenience store owner, having suspected that he had stolen the noodles earlier, managed to detain the youth until the police arrived, at which point the boy was probably slapped across the back of the head and given the award for worst criminal ever…

Stupid crime does not pay, kids..


Source: Yomiuri Online