But does it live up to the original? We find out…

Last November, Nakiryu in Tokyo became the second ramen restaurant in the capital to be given the honor of a Michelin star, joining the ranks of their nearby competitor Tsuta.

Only a day after the announcement, we sent our reporter K. Nagahashi for a bowl of their famous Dandan Noodles. He was not disappointed to say the least.

However, 29 May saw the release of Nissin Foods’ Signature Restaurant Series: Nakiryu Dandan Noodles. This is actually the second time this instant ramen from the company that brought us Cup Noodle was released, but thanks to the addition of a Michelin star, how could they not capitalize on Nakiryu’s popularity?

So, we again sent out K. Nagahashi to try a cup and see how well it compares to the original.

These cup noodles can be found in most supermarkets and conveniences stores for about 200 yen (US$1.80) each, so it wasn’t hard for our reporter to track one down.

Preparation was just as easy by simply adding hot water for four minutes, then pouring in the special oil.

Our writer began to wonder if recreating a Michelin star meal could possibly be this easy. However, the oil had a luxuriously deep red color and a rich aroma of sesame that began to cast away all of his doubts.

He decided to begin by sipping the broth. It had a mellow chicken flavor that was perfectly complemented by the sesame. There were also intermingling sour and spicy flavors that were distinct yet refined, for a solid blend overall.

It was very impressive, but our reporter was just getting started.

One of the more memorable parts of Nakiryu’s Dandan was the delectably textured noodles, and much to our reporter’s surprise the cup noodle version managed to somehow recreate that! Just like in the restaurant, the thin noodles trapped in the broth for an even flavor in each bite. It was magnificent.

▼ Nissin Nakiryu Dandan

▼ Actual Nakiryu Dandan

So, Nissin’s Nakiryu Dandan turned out to be a miraculous copy of the actual restaurant’s award winning dish after all, but don’t just take our reporter’s word for it. Here’s what online reviews had to say:

“It’s the best cup noodle I’ve had in a while.”
“This is one good instant ramen.”
“I think that both the quality and reproduction are outstanding.”
“If you like dandan noodles you should eat this at least once.”
“This is so genuine and so good it’s scary.”
“These were so tasty I bought another one the same day.”
“I can feel the restaurant through this cup noodle.”
“This shouldn’t even be classified as instant ramen.”
“I’m going to buy a case next time.”

It seems everyone is in agreement that these are some seriously good noodles and faithfully live up to their namesake.

However, our writer wasn’t finished yet. It was a darn good cup noodle, but to make it even more like how he remembered Nakiryu’s Dandan, a few additions were needed. First, it could use a little more rayu (chili and garlic) sauce.

Then, some more vinegar…

And finally, some chopped cashews.

And now the Nakiryu experience was complete, with all its textures and flavors intact.

Of course, as the online comments attest, even by itself a cup of Nissin Nakiryu Dandan Noodles is still among the best you’ll ever try. So, by all means grab one yourself and enjoy a gourmet experience in the comfort of your own home.

Source: Nissin Foods Signature Restaurant Series: Nakiryu Dandan Noodles
Photos: SoraNews24
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