Hey! You got your Hitler videos in my K-Pop! You got your K-Pop in my Hitler videos!  Who would have thought that these two viral video titans would blend together so well?

The Chinese genius who created Dictator Rap: Gangnam Style from Hitler, that’s who.

The maker goes by the name Fei Yu from Luoyang, China, who posted the video on Chinese video site, bilibili.tv. From there it spread to YouTube and infamy.

As you may already know, the Hitler videos are a parody of the German movie Downfall which chronicles the final days of Adolf Hitler.  In this series, a scene depicting a particularly furious fuhrer is superimposed with subtitles regarding various topics like iPhones or the Super Bowl.

Gangnam Style is the smash hit video by South Korean rapper Psy.  Its international success has been a result of YouTube where it was recently declared “the most liked video in YouTube history” by Guinness World Records.

As Xzibit might say; “Yo dawg, I heard you like viral videos so took your viral video in your viral video so you can watch while you watch.” This video takes the German dialog of angry Hitler and chops it up to the rhythm of Gangnam Style with eerily fitting results. 

I would really be curious to know if the German dialog in this song makes any sense though. For what it’s worth, the opening line which is meant to mimic “Oppa Gangnam style” coming out of Hitler sounds like “Breasts! Puddingy!” in Japanese.

Video: YouTube, bilibili.tv

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