The Chinese Football Association (CFA) has had their hands full for a long time with their lackluster international national team. To add insult to injury, fans of Chinese soccer have grown even more disillusioned due to allegations of corruption in recent years.

Chinese media reports that the longstanding woes of the national team were due to some bad qi floating around the CFA headquarters. Apparently, having a building facing North by Northwest makes your executives degenerate gamblers.

However, by applying the principals of feng shui to their new offices perhaps the association can flow into a reversal of fortune.

After getting rocked by match-fixing and gambling scandals various CFA executives had to resign in recent years.  As a result, major restructuring was needed to replace the top brass.

Faced with increasingly cynical fans and subpar World Cup performances, this new staff has their work cut out for them. So why turn to the mystical science of feng shui?

According to newspapers like the Yangtze Daily, this proposal came up as one of many ideas to strengthen the national football club.  They claim the CFA feels bad feng shui “has been worsening soccer in China.”

When readers discovered this they broke the first rule of brainstorming and immediately jumped all over the feng shui plan.  Comments such as “just gonna pray to the gods, eh?” and “after all these years, feng shui is the best you got?” are among the voices of dissatisfaction.

The CFA claim that they had been planning to change location before this and that the feng shui initiative was simply a result of those previously-laid plans.  Considering China’s relationship with the ancient art, this seems to be a likely story.

Some supporters have spoken out as well offering suggestions for places with good qi flow and words of encouragement.

The CFA hasn’t released their next location but say that they are soon to closing the deal.  There was a golden building on 777 Lucky Boulevard, but they passed on it thinking they would have no excuse after moving there.

Source: NariNari
Top image: Pakutaso