We’ve all heard the stories of Chinese parents selling away their babies. Some do so because the government allows only one child per family, and they would rather have a son than a daughter. Some do so because they are too poor to support a child. Some do so in order to fund their online gaming habits.

But this 72-year-old Chinese man from Chongqing, he sold away his daughter in order to bring up someone else’s daughter.

27 years ago, Qiu Shilu found an abandoned baby girl in a public toilet when he was shopping in town with his wife. He could not bring himself to leave the poor baby alone, and brought her home under the consent of the police. He named the girl Xiaojuan.

Xiaojuan grew, but never learned how to walk. The growth of her lower limbs were restricted, and the back of her spine showed signs of swelling. She was diagnosed with central nervous system disabilities.

It was a difficult time for the Qiu family. They originally had 5 kids, but lost 2 of them when their house collapsed. Qiu has viral hepatitis and could not do heavy work. His wife, who has heart, gastric and joint troubles, is on long-term medication. It was impossible to support their own children as well as the disabled Xiaojuan.

After much persuasion by friends and relatives, the Qiu family finally made the painful decision to send one of the kids away. But everyone was left in disbelief when they found out it was the youngest biological daughter that Qiu sent away.

“An abandoned life is still a life,” the Qiu couple told everyone. Deep in their hearts, they knew no one else would adopt a baby with disabilities even if they sent Xiaojuan away.

However, what shocked everyone even more was when Qiu decided to send Xiaojuan to school. He not only paid the expensive school fees, but also carried the little girl who couldn’t walk to school every single day.

“She has got to learn the basic skills to survive. If not, what is she going to do when we’re not around anymore?” The Qiu couple could only exchange their worries when no one else was around.

Now, little Xiaojuan has grown up to be a beautiful woman. Despite not being able to walk, she cooks, she washes and she sews. She has a lovely voice, of which she uses to sing praises of her adoptive parents. The Qiu family do not have to worry anymore.

Source: Chongqing News