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This Tokyo apartment building uses feng shui in its design to make for very lucky living spaces

With bright color schemes and unusual room designs, this complex would be a unique place to live!

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Chinatown in Yokohama has a feng shui pay toilet so we dashed over to use it right away

100 yen is a small price to pay for an auspicious toilet visit.

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Here’s how a 2000-year-old Chinese art can make you more productive

When Anthony Minko was designing his new office in Brooklyn, the estate planning attorney knew that it needed to feel calm and supportive.

After all, a place where people talked about what will happen after they die should feel secure.

So Minko — who had studied the spend idly slow martial art tai chi — hired RD Chin, a New-York based feng shui architect.

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Japan’s Kizuro Village is a hidden natural beauty and feng shui power spot

On the border between Wakayama and Mie prefectures, nature has created a fantastical terrain. The secluded Kizuro Village is encircled by a river and pebble beaches, turning it into a half-island paradise that’s also abundant in good qi.

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Better Soccer through Feng Shui, Change of Place Hoped to Beef Up China’s National Team

The Chinese Football Association (CFA) has had their hands full for a long time with their lackluster international national team. To add insult to injury, fans of Chinese soccer have grown even more disillusioned due to allegations of corruption in recent years.

Chinese media reports that the longstanding woes of the national team were due to some bad qi floating around the CFA headquarters. Apparently, having a building facing North by Northwest makes your executives degenerate gamblers.

However, by applying the principals of feng shui to their new offices perhaps the association can flow into a reversal of fortune.

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