It’s winter and by now your feet probably turn to icicles as soon as they hit the hardwood floor in the morning.  Wouldn’t it be nice to slip into something warm and comfy to protect your feet from the winter chill?  But why settle for plain old boring slippers.

The folks over at ITmedia have discovered an etsy shop in the US that offers 100% handmade sushi slippers!

For those who can’t get enough, the sushibooties etsy shop also offers sushi baby booties, nunchuck pillows and rattles, and fortune cookie baby booties and slippers.

These unique sushi slippers are handmade to order out of fleece with weather resistant soles.  The sushi meat is even removable!

They are custom-made and clever down to the last detail.  The sushi slippers come wrapped in paper just like fresh fish and you’re even able to have them shipped as a gift with a custom note.

Sushi Slippers are US$34 for a pair and come in 8 different styles:

Buyers who just can’t choose which one to get can order two different styles of sushi to wear on their feet.  They come in a variety of sizes from X-Small to X-Large, but can be tailored to a specific size for those with particularly narrow or wide feet.

The sushibooties Etsy shop also offers Sushi Baby Booties for your baby,

Nunchuck Pillows to aid in your ninja pillow fight,

a mini Nunchuck Rattle for your little ninja,

fortune cookie slippers,

and Fortune Cookie Baby Booties with custom “fortune” message.

For a completely unique, custom-made gift, why not give sushi slippers a try.  You don’t even have to like raw fish to enjoy them.

Source: ITmedia