Ladies, have you ever taken a picture that you absolutely love, but wished you were wearing a bit of makeup at the time?  Ever had to take a headshot for a job application but were too lazy to throw on a bit of eyeshadow and lipgloss?

Now there’s no longer any need to spend hours in front of the mirror putting your face on.  With the Panasonic Lumix FX80 camera, makeup application is simply a click away. 

Also, fellas, we know you’ve been secretly wondering what you look like wearing makeup but were too embarrassed to actually put some on…this is the camera for you!

The Panasonic Lumix FX80 comes with photo editing software built right in, allowing even novice photographers to edit their photos on the go.  Formally called “Creative Control,” “Beauty Retouch” and “Defocus Effect,” these editing tools produce some dramatic results.

The Creative Control option includes 10 filters: Expressive, Retro, High Key, Low Key, Sepia, High Dynamic, Dynamic Monochrome, Toy Effect, Soft Focus, Miniature Effect.

The Beauty Retouch tool “makes it possible to virtually cosmetically enhance human faces and make them look more glamorous” and includes the ability to remove shine, whiten teeth, perform a virtual face-lift, and apply make-up.

The Defocus Effect does exactly as the name implies, it defocuses the objects around the main subject of the picture, essentially making the photo look like it has been taken with a DSLR (but not quite). Think of it as a more advanced version of instagram for your camera.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the Beauty Retouch tools.

^Lip color, cheek color, and eye shadow screen.

^Choose from 5 foundation colors.

^Aesthetic Retouch feature.

^Smile mode allows users to turn up the corners of the mouth, creating a deeper smile.

In addition, COFFRET D’OR, a popular makeup brand in Japan distributed by Kanebo Costmetics, collaborated with Panasonic to develop the Beauty Retouch Makeup Modes.  Each Makeup Mode coordinates COFFRET D’OR eye shadow, lip rouge, and blush for one-touch makeup application.  Take a look at the four Makeup Mode options:

Natural (labeled as “Sweet” in the Japanese version), is “a cute look created through the use of eye makeup with pink as the keynote, accentuated with a light and airy cheek blush.”

Smokey (labeled as “Cool” in the Japanese version), is “a cool, feminine look created through the use of eye makeup with gray and black as the keynotes.”

Glamour (labeled as “Celebrity” in the Japanese version), is “a mature look with subdued, nudy colors focusing on brown and beige.”

Cheerful (labeled as “Happy” in the Japanese version), is “a lively, scintillating look with fresh colors such as green and orange.”

^”Cheerful” (“Happy”) Makeup Mode

Users are even able to create their own custom makeup combination and save up to three different patterns, allowing your favorite makeup to be applied immediately to any photo.

^Just for fun, we cranked it up to “11” and turned every makeup effect to the max.

We don’t recommend using the maximum settings for all the makeup tools; the result is more alien than attractive.  But for those who aren’t quite happy with a picture and want to make a few adjustments on the go, the Panasonic Lumix FX80 is the perfect camera.

Source: WatchHimasokuKanebo