Recently a bizarre eight legged creature bearing striking resemblance to gold skultullas — the special from gold-backed spiders from the Legend of Zelda series — has been spotted in Hong Kong.

At first glance,you might be inclined to think that you’ve been playing too much Nintendo, but this spider with a seemingly human face is an actual image taken by an eyewitness.

Is this video the real deal or merely an elaborate hoax? Who cares — doesn’t just looking at it make you feel you’re the witness of something special!?

If you listen closely, you may even be able to hear that scratching sound the gold skulltulas make in the game. Ready your slingshots!

You might think that such an ominous face would leave many fleeing in fright but — judging from the comments floating around the net — the reaction seems to be quite the opposite. With such terms of endearment as “cute”and“super cool”, this little fellow already seems to have created quite a following.

Spiders with body patterns resembling a human face have admittedly been reported worldwide, but the vivid detail of this most recent sighting has got to be one of a kind. The sighting’s even made news in its home city of Hong Kong, with many speculating that the spider being a possible relation to the goldenrod crab spider. Of course, this hasn’t been confirmed, so no need to abandon hope of getting the Giant’s Wallet just yet.

Source: Yukawanet