Ikea’s iconic blue bag becomes the hip new accessory for all comic-book character figurines this season.

Ever since luxury fashion brand Balenciaga released a US$2,150 tote bag that looked uncannily like a US$1 blue Frakta shopping bag from Ikea, the cheap blue tote has become something of an icon around the world, with people using it to create everything from shoes to masks and even underwear.

Here in Asia, the oversized Ikea shopping bag has been honoured with a miniature version of itself, and while it was previously only available in stores around Hong Kong and Singapore, the tiny tote is finally available in Japan as well!

The Knölig, as it’s known, has the same shape and long handles as the Frakta, but it’s a fraction of the size, measuring just nine centimetres (3.5 inches) in width and seven centimetres in height.

▼ The Knöligs are so tiny you’ll find thousands of them in one crate at the store.

Like many Ikea products, the Knölig also comes with an oversized tag containing the barcode and other product details, and the small bags come with a zipper that keeps the contents from falling out.

Designed to hold small items like keys, coins, and lipsticks, each bag comes with a keychain so you can attach it to a larger bag for ease of access.

However, in Japan people have found another use for these entirely, as the size makes them ideal for anime figurines. Slinging it over the shoulder of a Spider Man figurine, for example, shows how the tiny bag instantly transforms, taking on the appearance of the oversized Frakta, thanks to the proportions created in this new context.

▼ Spider Man heads out to search for justice… and household goods in the web of displays at his local Ikea.

For 99 yen (US$0.90), the Knölig is one of the cheapest figurine accessories out there at the moment, and makes a great addition to the miniature lockers and tiny food we already have in our collection.

Now all we need is for Ikea to bring out a lineup of miniature household goods, and maybe even a little fukubukuro lucky bag, so our characters can enjoy a celebratory haul like the rest of us at New Year!

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