Koikeya has a new item in their line of Pride Potato luxury chips, and the special ingredient is golden — quite literally! 

Japanese snack maker Koikeya’s line of “luxury” Pride Potato chips seems to have been well-received by Japanese consumers, and the newest addition to the series sounds particularly glitzy: potato chips laced with actual gold leaf!

Koikeya collaborated with gold-leaf maker Hakuichi based in Kanazawa City of Ishikawa Prefecture to create the “Koikeya Pride Potato Kanazawa Gold Leaf Salt” chips, using real gold leaf pieces as a glittery snack suitable for the end-of-the-year festive season.

▼ The Koikeya Pride Potato chips in gold leaf flavor.

The Koikeya Pride Potato line of chips are crafted with particular care to the ingredients and frying process. For this flavor, they used gold leaf pieces in two different sizes, some larger and some smaller, to ensure that the bits of gold mix thoroughly with the chips, letting you enjoy the golden glitter to the very last chip.

Koikeya are even offering an exclusive set that comes with three packages of extra gold leaf that you can sprinkle on the chips to your liking. The set, priced at 2,000 yen (US$18), includes three 68 gram (2.4 ounce) bags of the chips and three 0.12 gram (0.004 ounce) packets of extra gold leaf. 400 of the sets will be made available on their online shop.

▼ The limited set with extra gold leaf available on the Koikeya online shop could make a fun gift.

Considering how Japanese loves to wrap things in gold leaf, everything from sushi rolls to soft serve ice cream and even their own faces, this could yet again be a hit product for Koikeya.

The “Koikeya Pride Potato Kanazawa Gold Leaf Salt” chips, priced at 300 yen for a 68 gram bag, are now available at convenience stores across Japan and will be sold at supermarkets and other shops starting December 17. These chips may be a good way as any to add a little inexpensive bling to the end of the year!

Source: Koikeya press release, @Press 
Top image: Koikeya online shop 
Insert images: @Press, Koikeya press release