During a press conference on 25 January, Takeshi Endo, a representative for, JGC Corp, the construction firm working at the ill-fated Tigantourine natural gas plant told the story of one lucky survivor who was rescued by the Algerian workers there.

According to the press conference, at around 5:40am on 16 January the unnamed survivor heard sirens go off. When they went to peak out the door someone yelled “stay [in your] room!”

For the rest of the morning from 6:30 to 8:00, the employee could intermittently hear shouts of “open the door” among echoing gunshots.

At one point they heard a helicopter that they wished was the local army.

The next day at around 9:45am the worker checked outside the room again.

A small group of Algerian plant workers approached them. The team quickly applied a turban around their head and told them to pull the neck warmer over the face.

This band of workers surrounded the Japanese national and escorted them to a nearby subcontractor’s camp safe from harm.

In a murky incident that seemed to involve a complete waste of human life from ambiguous terrorists to iron-fisted rescue forces, maybe we can salvage some humanity from the small team of Algerian workers who risked their lives to save a single person from the other side of the world.

Source: jijicom via My Game News Flash (Japanese)