Don’t be shocked to see someone in uniform at the conbini.

It seems only yesterday that firefighters in Chiba Prefecture’s Kimitsu City were permitted to use convenience stores, and now even more Japanese cities are asking for the public’s understanding. Sagamihara City in Kanagawa Prefecture made an official announcement that their firefighters are permitted to use convenience stores while on the clock.

Amid yet another sweltering Japanese summer, emergency calls are increasing, leaving not much time for rescue workers to grab a bite to eat. That’s why you may see emergency vehicles parked in convenience store parking lots at times.

▼ The sign they’ll display features an illustration of a rescue worker bowing.

The city has even gone so far as to make a sign for firefighters to display on their dashboard when stopping by a conbini: “We are visiting the convenience store to purchase food and drinks. Thank you for your understanding.”

Many netizens were shocked to hear this news and weren’t afraid to weigh in with their own opinion.

“Who the heck would even make an official complaint about this?”
“What a country we live in–even bus drivers receive complaints when they eat lunch.”
“Sometimes they even get complaints if they drink liquid that’s not clear.”
“This world is becoming harder and harder to live in.”
“There are too many idiots who think you should work without food or drink.”

Sagamihara’s announcement says that while their workers are encouraged to bring their own food and drink, there may be instances late at night where they haven’t brought enough. They may even use the eat-in corners at some convenience stores. “It’s energy they need to save lives,” according to the official statement. Do what you need to save lives, firefighters!

Sources: Mainichi Shimbun via My Game News Flash
Featured image: ©SoraNews24
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