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Is your smart phone too dull? Are you constantly terrified that foreign bodies may enter its earphone jack? Disney and phone accessory experts Plug Apli have just the thing for you!

We’ve seen socket plugs before, but this is probably the first time we’ve ever been given the option to buy half a Disney character and make it look like he’s struggling to get his over-sized rear into the headphone hole…

In the past, keyring-style charms that you attached to your mobile phone were all the rage in Japan. Unless you had something fluffy, cute, grotesque or nerdy attached to your phone, you were a considered an uninspired dullard and unlikely to go anywhere in life.

When smart phones like Apple’s iPhone arrived (and Japan got over its initial fear), however, consumers were left with a problem: there was nowhere to attach a charm! Everyone’s iPhone looked the same and it was impossible to add a touch of character without buying a full case for your handset. It was a sad period in Japan’s history.

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Quite literally filling that hole, smart phone earphone jack plugs have become increasingly popular over the last year, with many accessory manufacturers doing their best to scare iPhone and Android owners into plugging up their phone’s holes for fear of – gasp – dust and “other things” getting in. But the Japanese populous is not stupid; people know full well that leaving your phone’s earphone socket unprotected won’t result in your handset vomiting blood or setting itself on fire any time soon. Even so, people leapt upon the chance to give their techno toy a face-lift and add a little bit of cute or glamour.

For those not content with having little men sitting on toilets plugged into their phone, these Disney branded offerings might just hit the spot. Retailing for 480 yen each (US$5.20), this series of plugs will fit any regular-sized earphone jack and are available in Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and Donald Duck designs.

▼Diving in or trying to get out?

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▼ We’d say all three of these guys could do with losing a little weight.

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▼ A closer look at the three available designs

disney plus the whole set

▼ No hole shall be left unprotected!

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▼She laughs while poor Mickey struggles.disney plugs hilarity disney plugs girl tremendously enjoying herself

The plugs are available – along with a whole host of other Disney merchandise for smart phones – to buy onlinenow  from Japanese phone accessory stockist Strapya.

Source: ガジェット (Japanese)

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