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We’re sure that there are plenty of people out there who enjoyed just a smidgen too much alcohol or Christmas pudding over holidays and ended up glued to the toilet as a result. Or, if you’re situated in this writer’s native UK, perhaps you’ve recently become acquainted with the chuckle-fest that is Noro virus as it sweeps through the nation like a modern-day diarrhoea and vomit-sponsored Beatlemania.

Well now you can relive that episode of gastric hell on earth with these cute earphone jack stoppers featuring tiny black and white plastic figures clinging to the toilet for dear life while appealing to the gods to “let it stop, oh please let it stop!”

Earphone jack stoppers have become quite popular here in Japan in more recent years as more and more people discover the joys of smartphones or jump on the iPhone trend-bus. Although it’s not something that many in the west worry too much about, many Japanese smartphone owners insert the stoppers – which are available in all shapes and sizes, from Ghostbusters‘ Marshmallow man to Hello Kitty – into the hole at the top of their phones to keep dust out. Well, that and to make their mobile that little bit more unique.

This new line of stoppers comes from Plug Apl and are designed to celebrate all of those year-end and New Year’s parties that ended with at least one member of staff a little worse for wear and being bundled into a taxi with the straps of a plastic bag hooked over his or her ears.

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The stoppers come in either black or white to match your iPhone (though they’ll fit any headphone jack) and there are two figure poses to choose from: “Relax” and “Reverse”, with the latter being a word used by Japanese to refer to vomit.

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So if you’d like to remind a friend or workmate of their unfortunate end to a work social, or if you’re simply looking for something new to add to your phone, these unique stoppers are available to buy from Japanese site Strapya for just 399 yen (US$4.55) each.

What designer Plug Apl might be forgetting, though, is that despite advertised the stoppers as “for iPhone 5”, the headphone jack on that particular smartphone is actually located on the bottom edge of the handset. Throwing up into a toilet is one thing, but doing it while dangling upside down? Now that’s just asking for trouble.

Drink responsibly, boys and girls!

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Keitai plugs in action

Keitai plug 1

Source: IT Media