So you think you have a refined sense of smell, do you? Well, forget that job as an aromachologist, ah, yes, the position actually does exist, there may soon be openings in Shanghai that will allow you to put your nose to work for the greater public good. reported the Chinese Ministry of Health recently solicited public comment concerning Public Toilet Hygiene Standards the ministry will make mandatory nationwide.

The standards will categorize public washrooms into four grades: (1) no odor, (2) a little odor, (3) odor present, and (4) strong odor. The ministry aims to have all restrooms located within public facilities achieve the highest grade of “no odor,” while freestanding toilets will be expected to maintain at least the second highest grade of “a little odor.”

According to information received from the Shanghai Bureau of Greening and Management on Feb. 26, the municipal government there has issued a directive to essentially eliminate all odors from all public toilets within the city. To facilitate this mandate, authorities are considering bringing in “professional odor appraisers” to assess and rank the smell of the city’s public facilities.

Interested applicants should contact relevant agencies directly.

Source: Xinhua