OxiClean officially sends detergent supply to Tokyo card shop struggling with sweaty, smelly otaku

Even players who don’t go home with a tournament prize will go home with some OxiClean.

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72 percent of foreigners in survey say they’ve been disappointed by bad breath in Japan

Dentist thinks part of the reason for bad breath in Japan is cultural.

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Japanese brand Mintia produces specially formulated breath mints for mask-wearers

Free yourself from the mask musk with minty freshness!

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Mystery stink haunts Kanagawa Prefecture, worries seismologist

The cause of the foul odor is unknown, but when does anything good cause a foul odor?

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SoraNews24 staff smells boss’ unwashed socks that have been worn for five-days straight

Look, we don’t come to your job and question everything that you do.

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Sure, planning what to buy at Summer Comiket is important, but so is planning what/how to wash ahead of time.

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Young woman-scent body soap and deodorant becomes a hit with lonely Japanese dudes

Deoco dudes desire feminine fragrance for lessening loneliness.

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Survey shows one in 20 otaku only takes a bath once a week, prompting disgust and redo

Initial results suggest hardcore anime fans are dirty, but maybe they’re just precise?

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Sayonara, smelly salarymen! Japanese company develops self-smell-checking device

Handheld device sniffs pits and other smelly parts, assigns numerical stank ranking.

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Police officer caught smelling coworker’s shoes, Department: “sniffing shoes is not illegal”

To protect and serve and occasionally smell women’s shoes.

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Where are the worst smelling public restrooms in Japan?

Anyone planning to visit Japan in the summer better know which noxious lavatories to avoid.

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Guys, listen up! The secret to being popular with women: eat lots of fruits and vegetables

Japanese commenters react to the news that eating healthy makes you smell better.

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New dietary supplement from Japan will make your farts smell “like a flower garden”【Video】

Because when your ad contains the line “It’s like cherry blossom comes out of your ass hole!” you know it’s going to be a game-changer. 

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Japanese TV reveals the revolting truth about the source of jasmine’s alluring fragrance

Sometimes it’s better not to know where nice things come from. That’s the lesson Japanese netizens learned last week when a TV show revealed a very unpleasant fact about why jasmine has its unique and fragrant scent.

In a segment of the variety show aptly called “it’s better that you don’t know,” the president of an “aroma school” in Tokyo revealed that the compound that gives jasmine its pleasant fragrance is also responsible for a very unwelcome smell familiar to us all.

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Local man has choice words for Comiket attendees: “For the love of god, take a bath!”

The 2013 Summer round of Comic Market (Comiket) began on 10 August, drawing flocks of anime, manga, and cosplay fans from Japan and abroad. The three-day event draws around half a million attendees on average.

For one resident of Odaiba where the event is held, this time of year is an absolute nightmare as he claims an abnormal smell emanates from the convention every time. The following is an translated open letter from the office worker in his 30s, who we’ll refer to as Mr. A.

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How to easily get cigarette smoke out of clothes… but does it really work?? 【Experiment】

Whoohoo, party’s on tonight! Happy, happy, joy, party rock is in the house tonight!! Drinking parties (nomikai) in Japan go off. Can’t wait!!!

But hold on… there’s a catch. It’s still common for smoking to be permitted in bars in Japan. You might not notice it, but as soon as you get home it hits you like a karate chop to the nose—the stink of cigarette smoke. Even if you weren’t smoking yourself, the second-hand smoke will make your clothes reek, right down to your stinky underwear. Yes, even if you didn’t expose your underwear. Yuck.

Could this simple trick be the solution?

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Nose for the Job? Shanghai Considering Introducing Public Restroom Odor Appraisers

So you think you have a refined sense of smell, do you? Well, forget that job as an aromachologist, ah, yes, the position actually does exist, there may soon be openings in Shanghai that will allow you to put your nose to work for the greater public good.
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RocketNews24 Original Scatch and Sniff: Aaah, That New Game Console Smell!!!

At 00:00 a.m. on March 1, 1997, a 14-year-old version of this writer- extremely lanky and awkwardly dressed- was standing outside a videogame store alongside his mother and a few slightly bedraggled-looking young men, clutching the pocket-money he’d saved for nearly 18 months, absolutely desperate to give it away.

This was undoubtedly the nerdiest moment of my life, and I’ve never since gone to a midnight launch of a videogame console, despite owning about a dozen since. But when I’d waited more than a year for the UK launch of the Nintendo 64, and, having convinced my infinitely-patient mother to drive me into town in the middle of the night, I was excited. Incredibly excited. Perhaps more excited than a night before Christmas with Santa, Willy Wonka and a dozen sugar-rushing puppies, even.

Back at home, opening my new console on my bedroom floor (it’s called “unboxing” now, and people post painfully long videos of it online…), I was hit by that curious smell of new electronics. But not just any old electronics smell; this was the smell of a new Nintendo 64. Clean, new, professional, yet somehow extremely welcoming…

Up until now, I had thought I was the only one who noticed these things- that videogame consoles, new mobile phones, whatever- had a distinct smell of their own, not just ‘electronics’.

But over at our Japanese site, Mamiya-san has written a great little article about his own experiences with much-loved games console the PC Engine (perhaps known to some as TurboGrafix-16), and, in particular, its own very special smell. Since the machine remains relatively unknown outside of its native Japan, I can’t help but share his experiences with our English-speaking readers. Read More