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With almost 40 percent of mobile phones in Japan now smart phones, people are constantly striving to find new ways to jazz up their iPhones and Android devices. As we’ve seen over the last few weeks here on RocketNews24, the popularity of character-based earphone jack plugs continues to rise, with even Disney hoping to cash in on the trend. The imaginative video game lovers over at Japan’s Gold Rush, however, have something better in mind.

If you’re a gamer and you’re in the market for an earphone jack plug, this is without a doubt the design for you. Designed specifically with the iPhone 5 in mind, thanks to its earphone jack being located on the phone’s lower edge, the plug that the Gold Rush team have thought up lets you take Mario with you wherever you go.

mario iphone plug idea

No more Mickey Mouse, no more little men vomiting into toilets (the wrong way up, we might add!); this jack plug actually makes sense. As any good gamer knows, Super Mario’s all about jumping and smashing things from below, so it’s only natural that he be underneath the iPhone 5 rather than on top of it.

mario iphone plug idea close up“But surely that’d get in the way?” you cry, ever so silently into the darkness of your mind. Not so, claim the Gold Rush boys, pointing to the potential “grip” that a tiny Mario jutting out of the bottom of your smart phone would offer.

▼”It could also be used as a grip.”

mario iphone plug idea grip

“Nintendo really has to make this,” they implore after demonstrating the many facets of their design. “It could be a gift available on their Club Nintendo site!”

We couldn’t agree more, guys.

But what of us lowly iPhone 4 users or owners of other gadgets whose earphone jacks are not situated on the lower edge of the device? An upside-down Mario at the top of my iPhone 4S would look pretty lame. But then we got to thinking, and as it turns out, the Super Mario-themed possibilities are endless! Here are a couple of ideas that we knocked together using good-old’ Microsoft Paint:

▼ RocketNews24’s Super Mario Dream Plugs!

mario phones

Come on, Nintendo, make it happen and make this gamer’s day!

Source: ゴールドラッシュ

Piranha flower, Goomba and Koopa Trooper characters (C) Nintendo