Kei Akatsu is a man with a dream – a dream to travel the world, meet women, and take their pictures. Having spent half a year in Vancouver introducing himself girls and holding impromptu photo shoots, he honed the necessary skills to fulfill his ambition.

The Tokyo University of Science student then spent the rest of the time setting up his website, Beauties World Map. The website came together very well but he needed more content and for that he needed more capital. So he turned to crowd funding.

He met an impressive amount of women for one guy in foreign countries and posted them all on Beauties World Map organized with blogs and locations.

Akatsu’s project was laid out on Japanese crowd funding site Campfire near the end of last year. He thoroughly mapped out his project plan complete with promotional videos and sample photographs.


To meet his content requirements, Akatsu requested funding for a trip across North and South America. During his travels he would approach various pretty girls and try to take their pictures.

For extra content he will also document his attempts at asking them for photo shoots. As often as possible, he will up load these images to Beauties World Map. The collection of photos depicting both attractive ladies and landscapes can be later compiled into books.

By now you’re probably wondering why in your right mind you would send some guy money just so he can travel the world and meet women. Of course, investors would receive something in return. According to the Campfire page there are a range of benefits to sponsoring.

   We will send you a produced ebook photo album.
    We will post your name and/or URL on our website as an official sponsor.
    We will also post a banner of your choice under “official sponsors.”
    Your name and URL will also be place in our ebook as an official sponsor.
    We will send you a postcard with a picture of a beauty.
    We will create a composite image of you with one of the beauties to use as a standby image.

To his credit, Akatsu’s promotional video got over 300,000 views on YouTube and he managed to raise 76,000 yen (US$793) through his crowd funding efforts.  Unfortunately, that fell short of his intended target of 1,059,060 yen (US$11,055.19).

Nevertheless, as a true businessman he has taken these lemons and made lemonade by rebranding Beauties World Map. According to Gigazine, the core theme had been changed from a “travel & women” website to a “language and women” website.

While looking at the photos of women, Japanese language learners can sharpen their skills by reading the ladies blogs in their native languages.

However, the blog posts have recently dwindled to about once a month. It appears the dream of this student is fading, so, for the love of god, please send him money so he can continue to travel around and meet more women!

I would, but I’ve got all my money tied up in blue chips, and the market is bearish what with the escalating leverage rates… and quintessential… equity… Hey, check out some photos he took below!

Source: Beauties World Map (Japanese/some English), Campfire via Gigazine (Japanese)
Video: YouTube – Bijomap

Tia (Canada)

Marina (Canada)

Roxana (Mexico)

Sophia (USA)

Alma (Guatemala)