Bon, a fashion house from Hiroshima, Japan, has been creating some buzz on the Internet. What for, you ask? Well, it turns out their clothing, actually intended for fashion-forward Zen priests, is being bought be regular Joes–er, Juns?–as well. Which leads us to ask: what the hell do fashion-forward priests even wear?!

According to their website, Bon’s concept is to create a casual style based on the priest aesthetic. Taking the opinions of priests as a starting point, they’ve added a slightly modern touch to create clothing, bags and accessories for the stylish priest.

The company started in 2009, responding to comments from local priests that they would like to be able to enjoy fashion as well. The online shop grew in popularity among priests and then began receiving orders from lay folk too.


The outfit above was developed in collaboration with a priest who wanted something made out of an easy-to-move-in, thin denim. It retails for 19,950 yen (US$211). There are also a lovely ponchos called a “bonchos” that would work well with these casual suits or with formal robes from 16,000 yen (US$170).


It’s all very chic, so I guess don’t be surprised if you start spotting some very fashionable priests or very priestly fashionistas around town.

▼Who doesn’t need a stylish holder for their folding fan? Amirite!?




I dunno, if it isn’t old guys dressed as schoolgirls it’s young men dressed as priests…

Images: Bon
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