That’s right fellas, it’s eroge (erotic game) time! Now, desperate smart phone-owning otaku can find their two-dimensional wives from just about anywhere, and horny commuters need not wait for the privacy of their own homes to stick it to some virtual schoolgirls! I’m sure you’re all dying to read more, but be careful; this news may be fit for phones, but the pictures aren’t exactly work friendly.

Earlier this month digital Japanese comic distributor, Eisys, announced that they’ve opened up beta testing for some new smart phone SNS. Less involved than even your most basic dating simulator, these new game apps go under the platform name Niji Yome, literally translated to “2D Wife.” Promotional images suggest that game play primarily involves tapping the screen to collect original illustration cards. The rarer and more powerful the card, then the less clothes your pixellated girly will be wearing! Truly valuable cards may include bondage and faceless gang rape for your public viewing pleasure. Oh boy!

“Have all the ladies you want in the world of Sex Land!”


It appears that beta testing is only the briefest of foreplay, as the games are scheduled to go live on April 9, less than a week from now. To celebrate this grand occasion, Niji Yome is offering some special rewards for enthusiastic players. For a limited time only, users who invite their friends to join the site will be given 1000 units of the in-game play money called “Niji Coins.” As if users need the extra incentive! I mean, what could be better than inviting all your buddies to join you in a handheld 2-D porn game! It’s like trading cards for grownups!

Registration is free if you’d like to have a go!

In “Valhalla Valkaries,” characters strip down the more they’re powered up!


For the game “Hers and My Sexy Card” they even have voices! What a joy to have on speaker phone.


Source: Nijiyome via Jin115