Chinese society has been witnessing a lot changes with the nation’s rise in economic power, but from the looks of things they might just be on the cusp of a full blown sexual revolution with all the free love of the swingin’ sixties.

Over the past year there have been several incidents of public nudity around the country which some say is a form of groovy protest. We’re not sure this is the case for a couple spotted getting it on in the back seat of a taxi driving along a crowded Shanghai road.

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That’s right fellas, it’s eroge (erotic game) time! Now, desperate smart phone-owning otaku can find their two-dimensional wives from just about anywhere, and horny commuters need not wait for the privacy of their own homes to stick it to some virtual schoolgirls! I’m sure you’re all dying to read more, but be careful; this news may be fit for phones, but the pictures aren’t exactly work friendly.

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Hang in there ladies… The next batch will hit shops in late April!

On 3 March, Tenga launched its revolutionary new “self-pleasure” Iroha range for women, and due to extreme popularity they sold out within just two weeks. These strange vibes shook the world of sex toys, but sadly, many women did not have their urgent need for Iroha fulfilled. Unable to satisfy the raging beast of female desire it had unleashed, Tenga issued a public apology on its website on 18 March.

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You have to admit, Japan really knows how to raise money for a good cause. First there was the charity breast squeeze back in August, which managed to raise over 4,000,000 yen (US$48,500) in two days, all of which was donated to an AIDS charity.

Now, in honor of World AIDS Day, Japanese adult goods maker TENGA is asking men across the globe to take matters into their own hands by selling a line of limited-edition designer male sex toys and donating all the proceeds to AIDS awareness and prevention.

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According to a local Thai newspaper, a 50-year-old man has had his penis surgically removed after the tissue became cancerous as a result of repeatedly injecting it with olive oil.

The man, along with three male friends, had been injecting himself with the oil for as long as 19 years after hearing that it could help increase the size of his penis.

He was very, very wrong…

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Love hotels are  short-stay establishments operated for the purpose of allowing couples a little privacy to get it on and can be found almost anywhere in Japan.

Stereotypical love hotel customers are young couples still living at home or middle-aged businessmen who use them for illicit affairs. However, many love hotels have recently begun to see an increase in elderly customers, a trend which some in the industry consider a “gold mine.”

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A woman from the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina has sold her virginity online, with a Japanese national winning the auction.

The sale has caused outrage online, with many arguing that the the deal amounts to little more than prostitution, but the woman, who has grand plans for the money, thinks otherwise…

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Perhaps the reason that so much fuss is made over the Japanese sex industry is that, in almost every other aspect of its society and culture, Japan is considered to be such an immensely safe, polite and altogether nice place to be.

The country whose tourists are often reputed to be among the most polite and agreeable, and where your lost mobile phone or wallet usually finds its way back to you, Japan would not be anyone’s first guess when asked “Which country has a booming, recession-defying porn industry?”

Be that as it may, the Japanese AV (adult video) industry, whose revenue comprised more than 20% of worldwide sales according to a 2006 survey, continues to grow every year. And with that growth comes an increasing number of young women who aspire to work in the industry, as reported here on RocketNews24 just a couple of weeks ago.

But with so many girls taking a shot at being AV stars and entering into this seemingly glamorous but equally shady profession, how do they go about their daily lives unnoticed? And what becomes of AV stars who leave the industry?

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Alright guys, brace yourselves because I’m going to lay a big one on you: women masturbate (rumor has it they burp and pass gas too, but researchers still lack conclusive evidence).

While masturbation is nothing to be ashamed about, it can still be a touchy subject for many women. However, in Japan, perceptions toward female masturbation have changed greatly over the past 5-10 years as an increasing number of women are beginning to feel comfortable talking about the subject openly.

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The second installation of 3DS ninja breast physics simulator Senran Kagura, Senran Kagura: Burst hit stores in Japan on August 30.

The game features even more of that fast-paced, sexually-charged ninja action that fans praised in the first title, which means many Japanese gamers have had their hands full these past few days, if you know what I mean.

Luckily, publisher MarvelousAQL has teamed up with sexual health product manufacturer Akahige Yakkyoku to boost player’s mojo with their new Senran Kagura “Round Two” sexual stimulant energy drink.

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