Love cows? Young girls in plaid skirts and chest-hugging blouses rhythmically massaging teats? If the answer’s yes then this worrying new game for Android OS might be for you.

SEEC Inc.’s Meichan no Chichi Shibori Taiken (lit. Mei-chan’s Udder Milking Personal Experience) sees aspiring pop idol “Mei” taking part in a photo-shoot in which she has to milk cows. Players are tasked with tapping and rubbing their phone’s screen to guide the wide-eyed character’s hand up and down the cow’s udder, filling her bucket with as much milk as possible before time runs out, somehow resulting in her going on to have a wonderful career and in no way start to wonder whether she’s taken a wrong turn in life.

▼Here’s Mei-chan, the company’s very own starlet.

milking game Mei-chan intro

▼ And here she is getting to work

milking game 2

▼ “Rub!!”

milk it

Of course, there’s nothing even remotely inappropriate or suggestive about the sight of a teenage girl furiously massaging a seeping gland, is there?

For those of you who are interested and not worried about what the people around you on crowded trains will think when you play it, the game is available to for free right now via the Google Play store.

Source: はちま起稿

Images via Gamer (Japanese)

milking game