Maturing into adulthood while sharing a roof with our parents can be tough. We start to become sexually aware, have boyfriends or girlfriends, and secretly store racy photos, magazines or DVDs where we think/hope/pray that no one will ever find them. And then there’s the Internet…

When our parents openly discuss things that we’d much rather they didn’t even know existed, however, words cannot even begin to describe the feelings of shame and embarrassment.

Having once been young themselves, most parents are fully aware of the changes their offspring are going through, and are quietly coming to terms with the fact that they are people in their own right who experience emotion and have feelings of desire. But even so, when your mother, father, sister, brother or great aunt Matilda stumbles across something that you’d much rather they hadn’t, it can be absolutely mortifying. (I can still painfully recall the morning my own mother discovered the picture of female gladiator Jet that my 11-year-old self had ripped from a magazine and kept in his school bag for about a year…)

In a similar tale of face-reddening embarrassment, one young man turned to the Yahoo! Answers-alike section on Japanese site My Navi News this week to say that he had received an email from his mother, informing him that his Super Sonico soine (sleep together) sheets had arrived.

▼ The request for advice from the embarrassed party


“I’m currently sitting in my university library, but I just got an email from my mother that read, ‘Your Super Sonico sleep together sheets have arrived!’ The sheets have pretty sexy designs on them, but it looks like my mother opened the box they arrived in. 

Do you think it’s safe for me to go back home tonight!?”

Certainly, the thought of being 19 and your mother unwrapping your erotic bed sheets is pretty cringeworthy. But is it really something to get upset about? It sounds to us like this young man’s mother is either blissfully unaware of what her son might be getting up to in the privacy of his bedroom with his bikini-clad cartoon girlfriend or, more likely, she’s just very cool and calling it as is it, like mothers we’ve met before here on RocketNews24.

My Navi News’ users were, on the whole, incredibly level-headed, advising the young man to relax and act natural when he faces his mother that night.

“Just go home as normal. Say they’re a present for a friend.”

“Head home, don’t worry about it, enjoy your sheets!”

“Act natural- as soon as you get embarrassed [she’ll] feel awkward.” 

Our own advice to this young man, meanwhile, is to study hard, get a good job that pays well and move out as quickly as possible. Then you can buy all the semi-erotic anime-themed bedding and paraphernalia you like and your mother will never be any the wiser. Unless she has a key…

Source: My Navi News, 痛いニュース

PS: Jet, if you’re out there give me a call sometime…