That magical time of year when game companies throw themselves a giant party and start spilling family secrets like your drunk aunt is finally upon us. That’s right, E3 starts Tuesday! And all this week, excited fans will be glued to the blogs, chomping on the bits for new info from Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft, and many other major publishers. One company that won’t be giving a massive, blow-all-the-fuses presentation, though, is Nintendo.

Even so, that doesn’t the company is skipping the event entirely.

In fact company president Satoru Iwata and legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto flew from Japan to Los Angles to take part. And who do you imagine met them at the airport?

None other than shy Super Mario Brother Luigi!


And he wasn’t alone either, bringing along President of Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aime. Never ones to miss out on some good PR, Nintendo tweeted photos and a Vine video (available below) of their meeting.

We’re not sure where Mario was, but maybe Nintendo is keeping him on the benches in order to let Luigi enjoy his year: the Year of Luigi.

Some Japanese Nintendo fans were tickled by the video, poking fun at the (barely) rhyming of Reggie and Luigi.

Others had slightly different takes on the mini-event:

Yikes! Reggie is biiiiig! There’s almost no difference between him and the Luigi costume!

Nintendo is at the event? Maybe they’ll announce a price reduction for the Wii U.

Looks like a giant dildo…

The year of Luigi seems like it’ll be kind of…awkward.

I don’t know why, but it looks like a pregnant, irritated cockroach to me.

Green isn’t very popular… sure seems like red is number one.

Don’t mind the haters, Luigi! We’re rooting for you!

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Source: Jin115